When A Loved One Falls Ill: How To Be an Effective Patient Advocate

“It is because of the work of paying it forward that you and Brian felt compelled to do, that I made it through the worst year of my life…Each of your tips and pieces of wisdom were invaluable. You gave me faith in my strength, and belief in my “little voice.” I truly think that youR book was one of the most well-written and intuitive books I’ve ever read. I can’t thank you and Brian enough for sharing your story and your lives with your readers. I will be forever in your debt knowing that I am, in part, the reason my best friend is alive.”
-- Meredith N., Castle Rock, Colorado

“Your book and advice should be read by all cancer patients. We may have differing kinds of illness, but the problems and protocol for patient self understanding and control is universal. Thank you for the book and the Monaghan Manual.”
-- Tom M., Tempe, Arizona

“Thank you, thank you for writing “The Power of Two.” I just finished devouring it and it has become my new favorite book. I’ve already recommended it to many people and will continue to do so….”
-- Bette M.

“The Power of Two” was a real help through all of this. After the fact, I can honestly say I’m not sure I would have gotten through this, let alone understood many of the issues we went through, or how to deal with them, if I hadn’t read it. The book was written right to the point by someone who had gone through this many times, and her insight was golden. I often found myself thinking back to what she had written, and it helped me, and consequently, Katie, so very much…”
-- Dave F., Pennsylvania


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